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The secrets of binary options

Most internet users and novice investors do not understand the secret of the popularity of binary options as a means of obtaining large profits. How does a binary contact work on the financial market, what is the secret of binary options, and the secrets of binary trading on binary options – these questions will be the subject of our informational material. Here we will reveal the concepts and practical examples of effective and profitable trading on the binary market that allow many online investors to multiply their money and become independent and successful in financial terms.

So, the main secret of binary options is precisely in the simplicity and accessibility of its operating mechanism for the online trader. It applies the principle, adapted for easy operation on the financial market, of profiting in the form of bets, the object of evaluation of which are exchange asset quotes. Simply put, for a lucrative contract the trader makes a forecast on the growth or decline of the asset quotes and registers a bet through binary options. As a result, when choosing the right direction of forecast, the trader gets up to 90% in trading profit; for a losing prediction, the bet is lost:

Moreover, another advantage of the binary market is not only the fixed loss ratio and profitability rates, but their adjustable range on the market – traders determine the period of time over which the forecast will bring profit or loss. This so-called expiration range for a contract can last from 1 minute to 24 hours. The high yields of binary contracts, their fixed metrics, and clear timeframes of action on the market allow traders to get incredible results.

The secrets to trading on binary options

To be successful on the binary market, there are several simple tips and tricks that enhance the performance of the trader and their results. Here is a basic list of the necessary conditions for profitable trading on binary options:


  • A professional brokerage platform
  • Trading education
  • An effective trading strategy
  • Personal trader discipline


Let’s consider each component in more detail through practical examples:

The trading platform

In this respect, the main metric for the effectiveness of the trading platform is the technicality of the platform for options trading, as well as the tools for analysis, and the general trading conditions imposed by the broker. Without technical tools or additional services for analysis, the trader simply would not be able to generate forecasts for lucrative contracts in a stable mode, and additional services and features of the terminal can significantly improve the quality of the trader’s trading forecasts and overall trading performance. The matter of the broker’s conditions is associated primarily with the initial amount of investment that would be required by the market participant to work on the terminal, as well as the cost of a contract – this metric affects the question of money management (risk and capital management in the process of trading). Thus, the more professional the terminal, regarding its technicality and instrumentation, the better the trading, and the higher the trading results will be. As an example, we recommend the Binomo broker’s trading platform, where you can get access to the following trading conditions:


  • Highly accurate market quotes
  • A set of indicators
  • A set of chart services
  • A wide range of technical chart settings
  • Contract yields of up to 90%
  • More than 80 assets
  • Turbo and binary options contacts
  • Bet registration at a speed of 1.7 ms
  • Trading condition parameters with the minimum metrics that are ideal for professional money management – the initial trading account is 10 USD, the cost of bets starts at 1 USD

Trading education

This is a logical component and a secret of trading on binary options – the higher your practical and theoretical knowledge in trading processes, the higher your overall results on the market will be. Don’t think that you can comprehend all the secrets of binary options on your own – it is a complex and specific process that requires at least an elementary knowledge. No one is suggesting you finish college studying directly on a broker’s platform. For example, the Binomo company offers on its website a professional training system for  binary trading that consists of these approaches:

  • Tutorials for beginning players in an interactive form
  • Video lessons
  • A knowledge base
  • Webinars
  • A demo account for practical training

Learning to work on the binary market can be done in as little as a week, and as a result, you’ll begin trading on a professional level and be able to make a profit on your very first binary options bets.

Trading strategy

Earning a steady income just by using intuition or guessing the direction of market fluctuations is impossible. Therefore, traders use a variety of trading strategies which employ inherently different principles of analysis and technical tools, thus increasing the probability of making a profit on contracts and achieving good general trading statistics. For example, the intersection of the oscillator lines of the simple MACD technical indicator signals the trader to beneficial market conditions for registering binary options bets:

Using this format of trading strategy, you can achieve more than 85% of bets with a positive result, which will provide high dynamics of capital growth and success on the binary market.

Secrets of binary options – trader discipline

When looking at this metric, it is necessary to say that the discipline of the trader involves not only strict adherence to the rules of the chosen trading strategy, but also to the proper management of trading risks and capital (money management). We can show the classic recommendations:

  • Don’t overestimate the value of contracts in the pursuit of profit
  • Use risk limitations of no more than 5% of the amount in the trading account if your capital allows
  • When using minimal investments in trading, use only bets of the initial value

so you can fully protect your trading capital against losses and achieve a stable regime of increasing profits.

As you can see, the secrets of binary options are very simple and easy to understand, the only thing left to do is use them correctly on the binary market and make a profit!